Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

WHEDA’s mission is to stimulate the state’s economy and improve the quality of life for Wisconsin residents by providing affordable housing and business financing products.

Relationship to the State Government: Self-Supporting Public Corporation

Current Staff Size: 160

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WHEDA is established.



First HFA to successfully market long-term bonds.



Issued first bonds for homeownership and single family housing rehabilitation loans.



The first HFA to offer a 97% LTV mortgage with private mortgage insurance.



HouseKey Wisconsin becomes the first HFA online mortgage application.



The first HFA to offer an exclusive mortgage product in partnership with Fannie Mae.


Total Financing Provided


Renters Served Since 1972


Homeowners Served Since 1972

Signature Program

Expanding Equity in Affordable Housing

In a unique effort to bring new energy and diverse voices to expand equity in affordable housing, WHEDA adjusted its QAP using developer and community feedback. Emerging developers identified experiencing housing insecurity growing up and how those experiences shaped their career choices. The new QAP increases scoring for tax credit projects that include at least a 24% emerging developer co-ownership, rural projects, and supportive housing. WHEDA hosted an emerging developer event to hear their stories, visions for the future and factors for expanding housing equity.

Future Focus


Joaquín Altoro

CEO/Executive Director

“Through our people, partners, programs, and policies, I’m working to amplify and evolve WHEDA’s mission to cultivate an ecosystem to expand equity in affordable housing and economic opportunity throughout Wisconsin,” said WHEDA CEO Joaquín Altoro. “By listening to the diverse needs of our communities, we are learning important lessons and as we work together to achieve our vision for more equitable, affordable and workforce-centered housing.”

Sucess Stories
Latonia Ford

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Latonia Ford credits the encouragement of others for helping her pursue the dream of homeownership. Ford, a substitute teacher, made her decision after years of renting and says that owning the home saves her about $300 per month compared to the cost of renting. All it took was some simple steps with a community financial adviser, homebuyer education classes and the flexibility offered by WHEDA’s single family mortgage products.

Rob Pero – Canndigenous

Cambridge, Wisconsin

Rob Pero’s career path has been anything but traditional. A Bad River Chippewa tribal member and Navy veteran with a background in engineering and design, he now owns a marketing agency and grows certified organic hemp. His can-do attitude is part of what led him to WHEDA when he sought financing to grow his business, Canndigenous. Pero intends to leverage his marketing expertise to build Canndigenous into a powerhouse brand legally sold nationwide.

Brandon Rule – Seven04 Place Apartments

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It may have been easier for Brandon Rule to pick a different location for his first development – one with less challenges and more investment opportunity. His core values, established early on by his parents, of expanding personal wealth, equity and inclusion for others gave him the drive and the tenacity to see Seven04 Place in Milwaukee to the finish line. Rule is part of WHEDA’s success in fostering diversity in Wisconsin’s developer community.

Nicole and Brett purchased their first home through WHEDA.
Dorothy at Stanton Place enjoys new windows funded by the WHEDA Foundation.
WHEDA tax credits transformed Old Main into housing for homeless veterans.
WHEDA’s FARM Loan Guarantee helps modernize multi-generational dairy farm.
WHEDA NMTCs expand access to healthy food through new Menomonie Food Co-op.