Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Providing housing resources with an eagerness to serve.  

Relationship to the State Government: State Trust

Current Staff Size: 104

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OHFA is established



Expansion to include the Mortgage Revenue Bond Program



Family Self-Sufficiency Program begins



After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, OHFA assisted 1,089 families



The Oklahoma Legislature passed the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act of 2014


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Renters Served Since 1976


Homeowners Served Since 1976

Signature Program

OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance

Homeownership is a sound investment that offers wealth-building opportunities. Owning a home signifies independence and stability. Its far-reaching impact extends beyond the home and into the community. In 1980, OHFA implemented its GOLD mortgage product and began offering down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers. Realizing the lack of down payment funds also limits repeat homebuyers, OHFA added its DREAM mortgage product in 2014. Together, these home loan products help Oklahomans establish roots and embark on their wealth-building journey.

Total GOLD and DREAM Homebuyers: 57,525

Future Focus


Deborah Jenkins

Executive Director

“Despite our state’s growing diversity, demographic data of Oklahoma homeowners shows a racial gap. We are committed to forging a path to equitable and inclusionary housing, ensuring those who benefit from our down payment assistance programs are representative of the diverse groups who call Oklahoma home.”

Success Stories
Marcus and Shaunt’e 
Repeat Homebuyers


Moore, OK

Living in an apartment financed by Low Income Housing Tax Credits 13 years ago, Marcus and Shaunt’e set a goal of buying their first home. With the help of OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance, they achieved that goal. At the end of 2020 – space in their home was cramped. Marcus and Shaunt’e utilized the equity from the sale of their first home to pay down payment and closing costs by utilizing OHFA’s Dream Zero loan product.

River West
Choice Neighborhoods


Tulsa, OK

The Tulsa Housing Authority has been transforming the Eugene Field neighborhood into River West. OHFA established a Choice Neighborhoods set-aside, providing $1 million in 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits for each of the 6 phases of River West. The project includes demolition and reconstruction of aging apartments. Residents of demolished complexes were relocated during construction. River West represents OHFA’s largest allocation of tax credits for a single development.

Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership


Oklahoma City, OK

A Housing Choice Voucher participant, Amber dreamed of owning a home where she could raise her children, but faced a long, rough road along the way. She found a job she loved, saved her money, and worked on improving her credit.  With the guidance of OHFA’s Family Self-Sufficiency coordinators, Amber achieved her goal of becoming a homeowner. A single mom, she wants to set an example so that her children know that they also can save to buy homes of their own. 

ReMerge Duplexes, Oklahoma City – National Housing Trust Fund
3.5% Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance offers options for buyers statewide.
Village on Green, Purcell – senior community
A HOME grant provided down payment assistance for Deborah.
Shady Acres, an acquisition-rehabilitation development in rural Ardmore