New Jersey

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

NJHMFA advances the quality of life for residents of and communities throughout New Jersey by investing in, financing, and facilitating access to affordable rental housing and homeownership opportunities for low and moderate-income families, older adults, and individuals with specialized housing needs.

Relationship to the State Government: Independent Agency in the Executive Branch of State Government

Current Staff Size: 268

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NJHMFA is established.



Merger of the New Jersey Housing Finance Agency (HFA) and the New Jersey Mortgage Finance Agency (MFA)



Established first statewide scattered-site HIV/AIDS permanent housing program



Partnership with DCA and DHS creates the New Jersey Housing Resource Center (



Multifamily Conduit Bond Program launched



A $50 million initiative providing funding for 400 apartments


Total Financing Provided


Renters Served Since 1984


Homeowners Served Since 1984

Signature Program

NJHMFA Hospital Partnership Subsidy Program

NJHMFA has worked with private developers and hospital providers to make the largest non-tax credit private investment in affordable housing development in State history. NJHMFA matches funding contributions from participating hospitals to provide affordable rental apartments for low- and moderate-income families, as well as apartments with access to supportive and wrap-around services for residents with special needs.

Future Focus


Melanie Walter

Executive Director

“A strategic priority for NJHMFA surrounds healthy home wellness interventions,” said Melanie R. Walter, Executive Director, New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. “We are working with our partners to understand and respond to construction and housing management market irregularities, and to incentivize new, healthier building standards. NJHMFA already leads the nation’s green affordable housing efforts, and we aim to expand our capacity in this regard over the year ahead.”

Success Stories
Kyle and Kiri

Hamilton, New Jersey

For hardworking New Jerseyans like Kyle, a copier technician, and Kiri, a pharmacy technician, saving enough money for a down payment often comes second to more immediate costs of living – student loans, childcare, rent, insurance, and additional expenses. In 2020 Kyle and Kiri utilized the $10,000 New Jersey Down Payment Assistance program to help achieve their dream of home ownership.

Mercedes Colon

Jersey City, New Jersey

When City Crossing underwent rehabilitated of the 131-unit affordable rental community, existing residents were both excited and fearful. One of the residents was Mercedes, who had lived at City Crossing for 27 years. “I thought they were going to make it nice and raise rents and throw us all out of the neighborhood,” Mercedes laughed. “The renovations have made a big difference.” This redevelopment helps ensure both the availability and accessibility of safe, decent and affordable housing for working families.


East Orange, New Jersey

Lisa received financial assistance & budget counseling through the NJHMFA Foreclosure Mediation Assistance Program. Lisa shared that her credit was awful, so she took the liberty to reach out for help through the budget and credit counseling. Her credit is getting back on track and she stands strong and will advocate for anyone seeking assistance.

Walker House, Newark, Essex County, NJ
Cove On The Bay, Keansburg, Monmouth County, NJ
Hahnes Building, Newark, Essex County, NJ
Ingerman at Westmont Station
Whitlock Mills, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ