Nebraska Investment Finance Authority

Growing Nebraska communities through affordable housing and agribusiness.

Relationship to the State Government: Quasi-Government

Current Staff Size: 30

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The Nebraska Mortgage Finance Fund is created



The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is established



The Tax Swap Transaction to Preserve Volume Cap is created



The award winning Housing Study Grant program begins



Assisted 95,000 buyers in realizing their homeownership dreams


Total Financing Provided


Renters Served Since 1983


Homeowners Served Since 1983

Signature Program

Collaborative Resource Allocation for Nebraska (CRANE)

CRANE is a unique public process involving creative utilization of LIHTC with state AHTC in collaboration with other housing resources for non-traditional developments. Designed to facilitate projects of a size and scope, typically outside regular development resources, the program fosters collaboration between the resource providers to fund unique projects that benefit targeted populations. In 20 years, nearly $365 million has been invested in communities across the state.

Units created: 2,800 Units Developed

Future Focus


Shannon Harner

Executive Director

“NIFA will be implementing a more data-driven approach to resource allocation, measuring progress toward community-identified housing goals and working to identify programs and strategies that result in positive outcomes. We believe this approach will more efficiently leverage successful strategies and create a roadmap for success across Nebraska communities.”

Success Stories
Nicole Edwards


Lincoln, Nebraska

We were in the position to either pay debt to raise our score enough to buy or save for a down payment/closing costs but not both. NIFA allowed us to pay down debt and use the funding options to cover the down payment and closing cost. Without that option we would have never been able to buy. Our lender at Lincoln Federal was great and I felt comfortable with him like he wasn’t judging us for just wanting what everyone wants, a home to call their own.


Jeff Chambers


Adams, Nebraska

NIFA’s First-Time Farmer/Rancher loan allowed our young farm family to purchase acres at very low interest to make our small seed stock cattle operation viable. The NIFA loan played a part in helping expand our purebred cattle operation. We now have genetics from our small operation on 3 continents and 5 countries across the world and from California to Virginia in the U.S.   It is a great program and we are very thankful it was available to us.


Multi-family: Eagle Heights Development


Omaha, Nebraska

Eagle Heights, made possible by the CRANE process, created a 44-unit housing complex. Amenities include a large community room and washers and dryers in each unit. Social, cultural, medical, and behavioral health services provided by the Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition. In order to fully support the residents, on-site staff is available. Monthly meetings are hosted with service providers, law enforcement and community partners.

Highlander, mixed-income property in a redevelopment area, Omaha, NE
Clove Hill, LIHTC single family homes, Ashland, NE
Wilderness Falls, 55+ Single Family Housing, Falls City, NE
Siena Francis, Permanent Supportive Housing, Omaha, NE
City Impact, CROWN Homes, Lincoln, NE