Louisiana Housing Corporation

The Louisiana Housing Corporation’s mission is to ensure that every Louisiana resident is granted an opportunity to obtain safe, affordable, energy-efficient housing.

Relationship to the State Government: Self-supporting, Quasi-government

Current Staff Size: 152

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LHC is established.



Hurricane Katrina makes landfall within 15 miles of New Orleans



LHC merges with housing programs from other state agencies



LHC hosts first-ever all-inclusive housing conference


Total Financing Provided


Renters Served Since 1980


Homeowners Served Since 1980

Signature Program

Statewide Non-Congregant Shelter Services

Statewide NCS is a non-congregate shelter-focused program centered on Louisiana’s urban areas that incorporates rapid bridges to permanent housing. In partnership with Louisiana’s Continuum of Care network, LHC created the program with three objectives in mind: build non-congregate shelters sufficient to accommodate the state’s unsheltered population, rapidly transitioning the population to permanent housing, and providing homelessness prevention opportunities statewide.

Positive Household Destinations: 1,186

Future Focus


Bradley R. Sweazy

“For years, discriminatory housing policies denied low-income communities from obtaining safe, affordable housing,” said LHC Interim-Executive Director Bradley R. Sweazy. “In the next 3-5 years, the LHC will collaborate with our partners to implement practices that uplift communities of color and increase access to housing services.”


Success Stories
Bienville Basin Project

New Orleans, LA

A decade-long effort starring federal, state and private partners transformed the 23 acre former Iberville Public Housing Development in New Orleans into a vibrant, mixed-use, mixed-income community.

The former Iberville Public Housing Development was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) was proud to play a key role in leveraging additional state and federal dollars to complete this vital project.

Bottle Art Lofts

Lafayette, LA

Bottle Art Lofts is an affordable housing project geared toward artists that include 40 apartment units, studios, art galleries, fitness centers, and other amenities.

The $16 million project is the beginning of restoring the Four Corners neighborhood in Lafayette, LA. “This project will transform not only the view and the
beautification driving into the town, but it’s going to be a ripple effect for the entire community,” said Bradley Sweazy, LHC’s Interim Executive Director.

La Maisons de Bayou Lafourche

Lockport, LA

The LHC awarded Gulf Coast Housing Partnership $7 million in Community Development Block Grant – National Disaster Resilience (CDBG-NDR) funds for La Maisons de Bayou Lafourche.

The resilient storm community features construction and design elements to help mitigate the risk of hurricanes and other flooding events, including raised concrete foundations, impact-rated windows, and landscape design promoting on-site stormwater detention and filtration.