Illinois Housing Development Authority

IHDA’s mission to finance the creation and preservation of affordable housing in Illinois.

Relationship to the State Government: Independent, self-supporting bonding authority governed by a nine-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Illinois.

Current Staff Size: 340

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IHDA is established by the General Assembly.



IHDA establishes homebuyer program with rates well below national average.



IHDA finances 50,000 units of affordable housing, up from 10,000 in 1974.



IHDA launches the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network.



Record 12,000 buyers purchase homes with IHDA down payment assistance program.



n just six months, IHDA disbursed more than $324 million in emergency rent and mortgage assistance to over 56,000 households.


Total Financing Provided Since 1967


Total Renters Served Since 1967


Total Homeowners Served Since 1967

Signature Program

Community Revitalization Technical Assistance Program

The Community Revitalization Technical Assistance Program encourages affordable housing development and planning in the state’s most distressed areas. The program, which is free of charge, forms partnerships to build upon and link to existing planning efforts, identifies strengths and needs within the community, and generates localized capacity via a formal Community Revitalization Strategy process.

Community Revitalization Technical Assistance Program Clients: 312

Future Focus


Kristin Faust

“At IHDA we are committed to removing barriers to make housing safe, affordable, and stable for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or immigration status. While we cannot undo past harms that resulted in homeownership inequality for far too many Illinoisans, I am committed to creating opportunities that will allow more people to reach this goal. We are currently developing and implementing new initiatives that invest in Illinois’ people and communities to increase homeownership opportunities for those who thought owning their own home was out or reach.”

Success Stories
Cecilia and Alexis


Chicago, Illinois

Cecilia and Alexis wanted to own a home of their own to host holidays and events. They were set on a house and could afford the monthly payments, but between school tuition and saving for a wedding, they were nervous about saving for the down payment. But with an affordable first mortgage and down payment assistance from IHDA, the couple had the help they needed to overcome the down payment hurdle and achieve their goal of homeownership.

Melissa Williams


Bloomington, Illinois

Melissa was living paycheck to paycheck as she finished college and took care of her mother. Unable to replace her drafty windows or repair her aging roof, she didn’t know where to turn when her boiler broke, leaving her home completely without heat. But with the help of IHDA’s Home Rehabilitation Program, Melissa was able to afford the repairs needed to make her home more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient without going into debt.

City of Decatur


Decatur, Illinois

More than a decade after the foreclosure crisis, the City of Decatur was burdened with the cost of maintaining hundreds of vacant homes and abandoned lots. But with funding from IHDA’s Abandoned Properties Program, the city had the funding they needed to demolish abandoned structures in areas targeted by their local revitalization plan. With problem properties removed, the City plans to repurpose the land as safe and attractive green space.

Harper Square (1972) – First IHDA-financed Development in Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago
Sunrise Courts (1978) – First development for persons with disabilities financed by any state housing finance agency in the nation.
ED Kristin Faust announces launch of Illinois Rental Payment Program.
ED Kristin Faust announced one of largest emergency housing programs in response to COVID-19.
West Humboldt Place helps vulnerable families live with the stability they never thought possible.