Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s mission is to provide Alaskans access to safe, quality, affordable housing. 

Relationship to the State Government: Self-Supporting Public Corporation 

Current Staff Size: 271

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AHFC is established



Marine View, first multifamily project in Juneau completed



HomeChoice ™ debuts putting focus on homebuyer education



Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Officer grant program is used for the first time



AHFC weatherization program gets $200 Million, its biggest single amount of state funding ever



Alaska Housing Rent Relief program receives $242 million in federal funding to assist renters impacted by COVID-19


Total Financing Provided


Renters Served Since 1971


Homeowners Served Since 1971

Signature Program

Home Energy Rebate Program

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation created the Home Energy Rebate program with $242.6 million in 2008. By improving energy efficiency, homeowners were reimbursed for up to $10,000 in expenses. The program ended in spring of 2016 reporting 26,587 homes improved with an average energy reduction of 34%. Likewise, the state has contributed more than $368 million for weatherization, improving the housing stock for 1000s of low-income Alaskans.

Homes With a 34% Energy Reduction: 26,587

Future Focus


Bryan Butcher

Executive Director

“We will increase our focus on solving the long-term challenge of homelessness that is becoming more serious. A new priority is the connection between healthcare and housing. Increasingly, healthcare providers are discovering the connection between the health of people and the house in which they reside. I see this as an area of great collaboration.”

Success Stories
Barbara Esquibel 
Closing Cost Assistance Program (C-CAP) 


Wasilla, AK

Closing cost assistance changed 71-year-old Barbara Esquibel’s life. Barbara became the first customer to use AHFC’s Closing Cost Assistance program, a 30 year fixed interest rate loan that provides 3% of the loan amount in down payment and closing cost assistance. Barbara had some savings but owning a house was a dream. “I really think I couldn’t have bought the home without help with the closing costs. It was just perfect for me in my situation,” she says. Her dream now a reality.

Energy Efficiency Programs Save Lives


A happy healthy Raypold family moved into their new home,. They were running their heater so much their energy bills were through the roof. As winter set in they began experiencing symptoms. Doctors suggested they had the flu. Fall 2011, Raypold’s signed up for AHFC’s Home Energy Rebate program. “I absolutely, 100%, believe that AHFC saved our lives. If we hadn’t had the energy audit done, we would have built up enough carbon monoxide in our bodies that we would have been done.”

Teacher, Health Professional,
and Public Safety Program


Solutions to one of rural Alaska’s biggest challenges. 

Attracting and retaining teachers, nurses, and public safety professionals to remote communities is one of rural Alaska’s biggest challenges. AHFC’s Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety program, established in 2016, strengthened the fundamental social core of rural communities by helping to construct quality, safe and energy efficient housing for them to live. AHFC has awarded more than $96 million in grants that have generated 500 housing units for targeted personnel.

JumpStart participant purchase first home and gains financial independence.
Elizabeth Place: Affordable Housing opens in downtown Anchorage.
Improving quality housing for seniors for Alaska’s seniors.
The Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety program
Juneau Housing First Collaborative: Photo by Michael Penn Juneau Empire