New York Issues First State HFA Affordable Multifamily Bonds


The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Established


Michigan State Housing Development Authority Established






Delaware State Housing Authority Established


Connecticut Housing Finance Authority Established


MaineHousing Established


Housing and Urban Development Act Passes

The Housing and Urban Development Act authorizes a new federal subsidy for state- and locally-backed housing developments.


Court Affirms HFA Activities Achieve Public Purpose

A Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling affirms HFA activities achieve a “public purpose” in the state.


Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Established


Massachusetts – First Multifamily Project Completed

First multifamily project completed (Rolling Green at Amherst).




Minnesota Housing Established


New York City Housing Development Corporation Established


Oregon Housing and Community Services Established

In 1971, the Housing Division was created by the Legislative Assembly within the Oregon Department of Commerce to set overall housing policy for the state Among its specific duties were serving as the state central source of housing, training, and technical information; administering a fund which provides interest-free loans to non-profit housing sponsors; and coordinating federal housing programs. A seven member State Housing Council was established the same year to advise the Housing Division and the state on housing policy.


South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority Established




First National Convening of State HFAs

The state housing finance agencies convene their first national conference in Detroit, MI.


Alaska – Marine View Completed

Marine View, first multifamily project in Juneau completed. Adds 98 affordable units to the housing market.


Connecticut – First Bonds

CHFA issued its first bonds.


Idaho Housing and Finance Association Established


Kentucky Housing Corporation Established


Minnesota – First Multifamily Project

First multifamily project completed.


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority Established

PHFA begins operations with a staff of eight and an initial focus on providing tax credits to support the construction of more affordable rental housing across the state.


Virginia Housing Established

Virginia Housing is created by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a not-for-profit housing finance agency.


Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority Established


Kentucky – First Bond Issuance

First bond Issuance to finance single family lending.


Minnesota – First Single-Family Project

First single-family project completed.


North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Established

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is created by the state General Assembly.


South Dakota Housing Development Authority Established


Tennessee Housing Development Agency Established

THDA was signed into existence by Governor Winfield Dunn and the following year (1974) held its first bond sale of $32.9M.


Moratorium Issued Federally-Backed Affordable Housing Construction

The Nixon Administration announces a moratorium on new federally-backed affordable housing construction.


Council of State Housing Agencies Incorporates

On February 28, the Council of State Housing Agencies is incorporated as a nonprofit in the District of Columbia.


South Dakota – Single Family Homeownership Program

SDHDA sold $27,015,000 of its 1974 Series A Single Family Housing Bonds to initiate the Single Family Homeownership Program.


Vermont Housing Finance Agency Established

Governor Thomas Salmon signed legislation creating Vermont Housing Finance Agency on April 11th.


Housing and Community Development Act Creates Section 8 New Construction Program

The Housing and Community Development Act creates Section 8 New Construction program, boosting HFA multifamily financing.


Virginia Housing Development Authority Issues First MRB for Affordable Home Mortgages.

The Virginia Housing Development Authority issues first mortgage revenue bond for affordable home mortgages.


Delaware – Begins Issuing Revenue Bonds

DSHA began offering issuing tax-exempt revenue bonds.


Montana Board of Housing Established


Nevada Housing Division Established


New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority Established


New York City – Completes First New Construction Deal 

Built just a few blocks north of the World Trade Center and conceptualized as “walk-to-work” housing, Washington Plaza Towers (later known as Independence Plaza) promised a lifestyle change for working-class New Yorkers, providing shorter commutes and more time with their families.


New York City – Completes First Preservation Deal

Through a public-private partnership with the Bowery Savings Bank, NYCHDC took on the rehabilitation of three severely deteriorating housing developments in Queens comprising 1,269 apartments: Carlton Gardens, Regal Apartments, and Ambassador Gardens complexes. In addition to critical improvements to the buildings themselves, NYCHDC created smaller blocks, beautified open spaces, and revitalized neighborhood amenities. This represented a holistic approach to urban renewal that cemented the city’s ability to reclaim its existing affordable housing stock.


Utah Housing Corporation Established


Wisconsin – Markets Long-Term Bonds

WHEDA is the nation’s first HFA to successfully market long-term bonds used to finance Section 8 multifamily housing developments.


Wyoming Community Development Authority Established


Maine – Strawberry Bluffs Development

MaineHousing broke ground on the Strawberry Bluffs Development, one of the first newly constructed Section 8 developments in the country.


Wyoming – Community Development Authority Act

The Wyoming Community Development Authority Act was passed in the 1975 legislative session and in early 1976, WCDA hired its first staff and began determining how this innovative agency would work.


Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency Established

OHFA opens to serve families in Oklahoma.


Idaho – Single Family Loan Program

Idaho Housing introduces the Single-Family Mortgage Loan Program with $35 million in bonds.


Nebraska – Creates Mortgage Finance Fund


Nevada – First Multi-family Bond

First multi-family tax-exempt bonds issued.


The Indiana Housing Finance Agency Established

The Indiana Housing Finance Agency (IHFA) is formed with a focus on homeownership programs.


Utah – Issues First Multifamily Bonds

UHC issues its first multifamily bonds for $3.3M.


Wyoming – First Bond Issued

WCDA sold its first bond issue of $53,600,000. Prospective homebuyers throughout Wyoming camped outside banks and savings and loans holding their places in line in order to secure a WCDA loan commitment. By the end of 1980, WCDA had issued approximately $250,000,000 worth of mortgage revenue bonds. The total amount of Single Family Bonds issued is $5.6 billion.


Connecticut – $1B in Bonds

CHFA hit $1 Billion in bonds.


District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency Established


South Carolina – First Bond Revenue

First bond issue raises $75 million in mortgage revenue.


Alabama Housing Finance Authority Established


Florida Housing Finance Corporation Established

Florida Housing was created as a state agency under the Department of Community Affairs.


Louisiana Housing Corporation Established


Maryland – Maryland Mortgage Program Launched

The Maryland Mortgage Program was established to help ensure Maryland citizens are able to purchase affordable housing. All home loan products available through MMP are 30-year, fixed-interest rate mortgages. There are a few different types of home loan products, and they generally vary by the kinds of downpayment and closing cost assistance that are available with them.


Maine – Energy Conservation Loan Program Launched

In response to the energy crisis, MaineHousing launched the Energy Conservation Loan Program to provide loans of up to $10k for energy-efficient home improvements.


Oklahoma – Mortgage Revenue Bond Program

Expansion to include the Mortgage Revenue Bond Program; Now expanded and known as the OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program, more than $4 billion has been utilized to make homeownership possible.


Tennessee – Housing Counseling Program Launched

THDA began the Housing Counseling Program to provide education on budgeting, housekeeping and home maintenance. The program later transformed into our Homebuyer Education Initiative and our network of counseling partners continues to provide Tennesseans with valuable knowledge of home ownership.


Wisconsin – First Bonds

WHEDA issues first bonds for homeownership and single family housing rehabilitation loans.


Louisiana – Fair Housing Act

The Louisiana Fair Housing Act establishes the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (LHFA). The legislation and subsequent amendments grant LHFA the authority to undertake various programs to assist in financing housing needs for for low to moderate income individuals and families.


North Dakota Housing Finance Agency Established

North Dakota voters approved an initiated measure that creates North Dakota Housing Finance Agency. After operating under the Bank of North Dakota for two years, NDHFA becomes a stand-alone entity charged with administering federal affordable housing programs.


D.C. – First Multifamily Housing Development

DCHFA financed its first affordable multifamily housing group of developments


Florida – First Mortgage Revenue Bond

Issued first mortgage revenue bonds (multifamily and single family).


New Mexico – First Multifamily Project

First multifamily projects completed.


Pennsylvania – Expands Financing for Mortgages

Federal tax legislation is enacted to expand tax-exempt financing for consumer mortgages, and PHFA launches single-family affordable home loan programs.


Alabama – Issues First Multifamily Bond

AHFA completes its first multifamily bond issue, financing 416 units at an approximate cost of $13 million.


Idaho – First Multifamily Housing Complex

IHFA finances its first nonsubsidized multifamily housing complex.


Maine – Creation of the Housing Opportunities for Maine Fund

Creation of the Housing Opportunities for Maine Fund (State HOME), dedicated real estate transfer taxes as an ongoing revenue to support safe and affordable housing opportunities.


Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is Established


Ohio Housing Finance Agency Established


Federal Authority for Mortgage Revenue Bonds Expires

Federal authority for mortgage revenue bonds expires at the end of the year – causing a six-month “sunset” in 1984.


CSHA Launches Annual Awards Program

The Council of State Housing Agencies launches annual awards to recognize state HFA impact and innovation.


South Dakota – Rental Housing Reinvestment Program Launched

SDHDA created the Rental Housing Reinvestment Program in which 20% of the units in each multifamily development were made available to low income renters. This program did not provide any federal assistance. The local lending institutions made the loans to developers and in turn SDHDA purchased homeownership loans in amounts equal to the rental development loans from those institutions.


Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) Established
In 1985, as part of then Governor Bill Clinton’s Economic Development Initiative, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) was created by the Arkansas General Assembly under Act 1062 of 1985. The Act transferred to the Authority all powers, functions, and duties of the Arkansas Housing Development Agency. ADFA promotes economic growth in the state of Arkansas by providing and supporting financing for affordable housing, agricultural business enterprises, industrial and economic development, capital improvement for state agencies and local governments, higher education funding and related programs.


Connecticut – Becomes the State Allocator

CHFA becomes the state allocator for the LIHTCs.


Virginia – Virginia Housing Fund

Created the Virginia Housing Fund with $45 million (the largest housing fund of its kind in the nation) to finance housing programs that cannot be funded by bond issues.


South Carolina – Low Income Housing Tax Credit 

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit is established by the Tax Reform Act of 1986.


Tax Reform Act Authorizes Housing Credit

The Tax Reform Act authorizes the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, delegates administration to the states.


Council of State Housing Agencies Changes Name

On July 22, the Council of State Housing Agencies changes its name to the National Council of State Housing Agencies.


Arkansas – Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program established.


Kentucky – First LIHTC Award

First LIHTC Award to City View Park, serving 503 families in Louisville.


Montana – First LIHTC Award

Governor designates MBOH to administer Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.


Utah – First LIHTC Allocation

10 projects, 564 units


Wyoming – HUD Section 8 Rental Assistance

The HUD Section 8 Rental Assistance Program began being administered by WCDA on a statewide basis starting with an allocation of 50 Certificates and growing to a total of 470 Certificates, Vouchers and Moderate Rehab units. In addition, WCDA worked with a local housing authority to develop 75 units of Low Rent Public Housing in Laramie, Wyoming. WCDA was chosen to administer Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for the state beginning with $526,000 in Tax Credits and growing to a cumulative total of $337,009,341 in Low Income Housing Tax Credit allocations creating a total of 4,921 units of affordable rental housing.


Tennessee – Low Income Housing Tax Credit

THDA began administering the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. To date, these tax credits have contributed to the construction or rehabilitation of more than 79,000 affordable housing units across Tennessee.


North Carolina – Holds First Statewide Housing Forum


Oregon – Low Income Housing Tax Credit Launched

Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is established. In recent years Oregon has awarded points for meaningful partnerships with culturally responsive service providers and created a 10% set-aside for tribal projects. This aims to support developments sponsored by tribal governments, tribally designated housing entities, or tribal corporate entities on tribal trust land.


Vermont – First Pilot Down Payment Assistance Program

VHFA established its first pilot program for down payment assistance for homebuyers.


Mississippi Home Corporation Established


Alabama – Creates Down Payment Assistance Program

AHFA creates the Down Payment Assistance Program to provide interest-free loans to families who earn less than the state’s median income. To date, the Step Up program has helped nearly 20,000 Alabamians purchase a home.


Idaho – Begins Loan Servicing Operations

Idaho Housing begins loan servicing operations for its own single-family portfolio and becomes one of a few housing finance agencies authorized to underwrite HUD multifamily loan insurance.


Indiana – Begins Multifamily Financing

IHFA begins multifamily financing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and HOME Investment Partnership Program.


Mississippi – First MRB Loan

First MRB Loan – To date: 21,468 homeowners assisted totaling $1,877,319,012 in financing assistance.


Wyoming – Mortgage Loan Servicing Launched

WCDA launched its mortgage loan servicing department. As a result of the consolidation of financial institutions and in an effort to keep WCDA loan servicing in the state, WCDA started servicing its own loans. The department grew from an initial staff of two persons to the current staff of 11 who services more than 15,000 loans.


Congress Creates HOME

Congress creates a new housing block grant – HOME – to run through states and cities.


Alabama – Develops Habitat for Humanity Loan Purchase Program

AHFC develops the Habitat for Humanity Loan Purchase Program, the first of its kind in the nation, and dedicates $1 million to the project. To date, the program has purchased more than $29 million in loans from Habitat.


Maine – Purchase Plus Improvement to the First-Time Home Buyer Program

Purchase Plus Improvement is added as an option to MaineHousing’s First-Time Home Buyer Program, allowing buyers to finance the purchase and needed repairs of a home with one loan.

Oregon – Merged Agencies

The Legislative Assembly merged the Housing Agency with the Community Services Division (from the Department of Human Resources) doubling the agency in size. It was renamed the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department


Texas – First Housing Tax Credit Award


Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Established


Alaska – Merged ASHA and DCRA

The Alaska state legislature changed the structure of public housing, rural loan, and energy programs by merging the Alaska State Housing Authority (ASHA) and the Department of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) into the state owned Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC). The merger made AHFC the only agency in the country with statewide responsibility for public housing. Today, AHFC’s public housing department is a move to work agency that manages 1,612 public housing units and 5,601 sponsor based rental assistance vouchers, providing a home where over 12,000 people sleep with assistance each night.


Arkansas – Received Allocation of HOME Investment

ADFA received its initial allocation of HOME Investment Partnerships Program


Kentucky – Affordable Housing Trust

Kentucky’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund is created.


Maryland – Maryland Affordable Housing Trust

The Maryland Affordable Housing Trust was constituted in 1992 to enhance the availability of affordable housing throughout the State (Chapter 265, Acts of 1992). A public instrumentality of the State, the Trust may receive monies for investment in the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust Fund. From this Fund, the Trust may make awards to support acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable housing; efforts of nonprofit organizations to develop affordable housing; and operating expenses of housing developments with affordable housing.


Oklahoma – Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Family Self-Sufficiency Program begins and is designed to help Housing Choice Voucher holders achieve goals and gain financial independence. Since then, 450 participants have completed the five-year program and 326 have purchased their own homes.


Congress Approves New Multifamily Financing Program

Congress approves a new multifamily financing program between state HFAs and the Federal Housing Administration.


South Carolina – Housing Trust Fund Created 

SC Housing Trust Fund created by Act 410 from the SC General Assembly.


North Dakota – Launches Helping Housing Across North Dakota

NDHFA creates the Helping Housing Across North Dakota (Helping HAND) program. A portion of the agency‚ net profit are awarded to county and tribal governments based on the poverty level of the population. Local governments administer the funds as they see fit to address their housing needs.


New York City – Creates Open Resolution 

NYCHDC issues bonds under the Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bond Resolution (Open Resolution), in addition to several stand-alone programs and pooled resolutions, to finance affordable housing developments. The Open Resolution has helped to create and preserve more than 131,000 apartments across 557 affordable housing developments.


MRBs, Housing Credit Made Permanent

Mortgage Revenue Bonds and the Housing Credit are made permanent programs in the tax code.


Alaska – HomeChoice Debuts

HomeChoice debuts putting focus on homebuyer education. Since then more than 60,000 Alaskans have taken the free class.


Connecticut – Funding for Single-Family Mortgages

Continuous Funding for single-family mortgages launched. Prior to 1994, mortgage funding was periodically available, using a lottery system for borrowers.


Virginia – Awarded AA+ General Obligation Rating

Only housing finance agency in the country to be awarded a AA+ general obligation rating from Standard and Poor.


Wisconsin – Offers a 97% LTV Mortgage

WHEDA is the first HFA to offer a 97% LTV mortgage with private mortgage insurance.


IRS Withdraws Audit Alleging Housing Credit Program Fraud

The IRS withdraws an audit alleging fraud in the Housing Credit program after NCSHA demonstrates its flawed methodology.


Idaho – First Single-Family Mortgage Bond

Idaho Housing issues its first Single-Family Mortgage bonds without sales tax backing.


South Dakota – Governor Transitional Housing Program Launched

SDHDA created the Governor Transitional Housing Program for the elderly which later became known as the Governor‚ House Program. The purpose of the program was to support a construction training program to enable inmates to build small homes available for sale to the elderly. The originally constructed homes were 672 sq. ft. and were sold for $15,900.


Utah – Issues Record Annual Amount of Fixed-Rate MRBs

$225,000,000 (9 issues)


D.C. – First Finance Agencies Approved for Risk Sharing Program

Became one of the first Housing Finance Agencies to be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for its Risk Sharing Program. Today, DCHFA remains the only HUD-approved Level I 50/50 Risk Share lender in the District of Columbia.


Pennsylvania – Establishes HEMAP Program

The agency’s Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program has helped 23,000 Pennsylvania households with foreclosure prevention loans and become a national model for foreclosure prevention.


Idaho Housing and Finance Association Celebrates 25 years

Idaho Housing celebrates 25 years of serving the state’s housing needs and is authorized as the state’s issuer of non-housing tax-exempt bonds to finance capital improvements for eligible nonprofits.


Nebraska – Creates Tax Swap Transaction to Preserve Volume Cap


New Mexico – Took On All Housing Programs

Took all housing programs from the state.


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority Celebrates 25th Anniversary

PHFA celebrates its 25th anniversary. The agency has 222 employees and surpasses $3 billion in home mortgage loans to Pennsylvania home buyers.


Florida – Becomes a Public Corporation


Mississippi – Housing Assistance for Teachers Launched

Established Housing Assistance for Teachers Program – To date: Assisted 440 teachers with downpayment assistance with a financing total of $43,901


North Dakota – Purchased Over 2,000 Home Loans

NDHFA purchased 2,010 home loans, more than any other year in its history. The record is due, in part, to a Federal Disaster Declaration, after extensive flooding in Eastern North Dakota communities, allowed NDHFA to offer financing to borrowers up to 140 percent of Area Media Income and to waive the program‚ first-time homebuyer requirement.


Delaware – Becomes an Independent Authority 

DSHA established as an independent authority in the Executive Department.


Delaware – Granted HUD Contract

DSHA granted HUD Projected-Based Contract Administrator.


Indiana – Agency Name Change

IHFA changes its name to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to acknowledge its expanded scope into community development work.During this time, the agency begins administering energy assistance, rental assistance, and homelessness programs.


Kentucky – Recovery Kentucky Program Launches


Community Renewal Act Expands Housing Bonds, Housing Credit

The Community Renewal Act includes historic expansions of Housing Bonds and Low Income Housing Tax Credits.


New York City – Issues Housing Impact Bonds

On January 23, NYCHDC announced the inaugural issuance of $375 million of Housing Impact Bonds, a new category of Sustainable Development Bonds. The Housing Impact Bonds Resolution is part of New York City’s Permanent Affordability Commitment Together plan to convert a minimum of 62,000 public housing units to Section 8 homes and the city’s 10-year strategic plan to repair public housing to improve the residents’ quality of life, ensure permanent affordability, guarantee tenant protections, and maintain public ownership of the land and buildings.


Vermont – Affordable Housing Tax Credit

VHFA spearheaded a successful effort to establish the Vermont State Affordable Housing Tax Credit program.


Connecticut – Received AAA/Aaa Designation

CHFA received AAA/Aaa designation from ratings agencies for the first time and maintains that rating today.


Oregon – The Farmworker Housing Development Account

The Farmworker Housing Development Account was established for the expansion of affordable, safe, and sanitary housing for very-low income farmworkers


Utah – Makes Second Mortgages Available for Down Payments/Closing Costs

UHC makes second mortgages available to all borrowers for down payments/closing costs.


Wisconsin – First Online Mortgage Application

WHEDA’s HouseKey Wisconsin becomes the first online mortgage application system in the HFA industry.


Arizona Department of Housing Established


New Mexico – Tribal Developments

Awarded tax credits for tribal developments.


Utah – Provides Online Access to Serviced Loans

Online access to serviced loans is made available to UHC borrowers.


Virginia – SPARC Financed

Generated funds internally to finance the SPARC (Sponsoring Partnerships and Revitalizing Communities) program to provide loans to low-income households, diverse cultures, minority populations and people with disabilities.


Arizona – LIHTC Program

Included a Set Aside in the LIHTC program for one project to be built on trial lands each year to benefit many tribes in Arizona.


Kansas Housing Resources Corporation Established

KHRC formed: Kansas Housing Resources Corporation became a self-supporting, nonprofit, public corporation.


Massachusetts – Demonstration Disposition Program

Demonstration Disposition Program: MassHousing, on behalf of HUD, rehabilitates or rebuilds 11 troubled rental developments with 1850 units in Boston, in collaboration with resident groups.


North Carolina – Creates Targeting Program

With the state Department of Health and Human Services, NCHFA creates a targeting program and key rental assistance to provide integrated housing for people living with disabilities.


Alaska – Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Officer Grant

Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Officer grant program is used for the first time making 64 units available in Kotzebue, Savoonga, Togiak, Chefornak, Nightmute and Tuntutuliak. Since inception, 498 units have been built, improving housing quality and making recruitment and retention of targeted community professionals easier.


Idaho – 50,000 Mortgage Loans

Idaho Housing celebrates its 50,000th mortgage loan and its 10,000th Finally Home! Homebuyer Education graduate.


Massachusetts – MIPlus Mortgage Insurance

MassHousing creates MIPlus mortgage insurance for home buyers, which comes with job loss protection at no additional cost.


North Dakota – Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc.

NDHFA joins with the Montana Board of Housing and the Wyoming Community Development Authority to form the Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc. The aim is to support the development of affordable multifamily housing in the rural communities throughout the tri-state area.


Alabama – Creates In-House Loan Department

AHFA creates an in-house loan servicing department, later trade-named ServiSolutions and expanded to include other originators and HFA jurisdictions.


D.C. – Modernize Over 6,000 Public Housing Units

DCHFA issued more than $76 million in tax-exempt bonds to the DC Housing Authority to help rehabilitate and modernize 6,858 public housing units.


Louisiana – Hurricane Katrina Response

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall within 15 miles of New Orleans, Louisiana; within 24 hours, levee breaches flood over 80 percent of the city. The storm damages or destroys nearly 500,000 homes and apartments across Louisiana. It claims more than 1,500 lives and displaces an estimated 700,000 people. The disaster fundamentally alters Louisiana’s approach to affordable housing policy and disaster recovery. To this day, Hurricane Katrina remains the most expensive natural disaster in the United States.


Mississippi – Hurricane Katrina Recovery

Began Katrina Recovery Go Zone Tax Credits and MRB Program MRB Program 2213 Households; Renters Assistance 5,499 units.


Nebraska – Begins Award-Winning Housing Study Grant Program


Ohio – Became Independent State Agency


Hawaii Housing Financing & Development Corp. Established


Ohio – $1B in Mortgages

Produced $1 billion in mortgages.


Oklahoma – Hurricane Katrina & Rita

Following the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, OHFA assisted 1,089 families who relocated with more than $3.1 million in rent, security deposits and utility payments. Since then, OHFA has assisted Oklahoma families directly affected by tornadoes, floods, and wildfires.


South Dakota – Issued a Record Number of Bonds

SDHDA issued a record number of bonds totaling over $300 million in short term and $537 million in long term bonds. We beat our previous record of $478 million in short term and long term bonds in 2000.


Virginia – Granting Freedom Grant

Created the Granting Freedom grant program, helping disabled veterans make their homes more accessible.


Arizona – 2,000 Units Developed Near Transportation

Prioritized funding to affordable housing programs within walking distance of public transportation. 2,000 units developed along the light rail in the Phoenix Metro area during the Great Recession.


Delaware – Started Affordable Rental Housing Program

Started Affordable Rental Housing Program.


Kansas – Assists in Multiple Recovery Efforts

Greensburg Tornado / Southeast Kansas Flooding: On May 4, 2007, the rural Kansas community of Greensburg was devastated by an EF5 tornado that leveled 95 percent of the city. Later that year, the southeast region of the state saw rainfall amounts as high as 2 to 3 inches per hour, causing historic flooding. As the rivers were reaching record levels, the refinery in Coffeyville, KS experienced an oil spill mixing with the flood waters and destroying any structure in this path. For the first time in the history of Kansas Housing Resources Corporation, the State of Kansas looked to our agency as an emergency housing resource. The KHRC team assisted with recovery efforts by providing boots on the ground assistance and offering housing resources to those affected. KHRC staffed disaster recovery centers, participated in community resource fairs, and issued special funding for disaster-affected communities. Staff identified local housing vacancies as potential housing opportunities for displaced residents and operated home repair and construction initiatives to make damaged homes livable again, playing a crucial role in the region’s recovery process.


Tennessee – Housing Trust Fund

The Tennessee Housing Trust Fund was established to serve the needs of low- and very low-income Tennesseans. To date, this fund has provided more than $100M in funding to agencies directly addressing housing for vulnerable populations across the state.


Alaska – Funding for Energy Efficiency Measures

Governor Sarah Palin and the Legislature go all in with funding for energy efficiency measures. AHFC weatherization program gets $200 Million, its biggest single amount of state funding ever. Work done by 20 AHFC partner organizations throughout the state. Lawmakers go beyond by adding $160 million more to establish a new program the Home Energy Rebate. At the end of 2016, 25,183 individual rebates were paid out. The total number of weatherized homes in the state now exceeds 21,000 with an average of 30% in energy savings for each home.


Connecticut – Housing Crisis Response

2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017 EMAP program revised and recapitalized to deal with the housing crisis in 2008, recapitalized again in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.


D.C. – $1B in Multifamily Housing Financed

DCHFA reached $1 billion mark in multifamily affordable housing finance in Washington, D.C.


Indiana – Widespread Flooding

82 of 92 counties in the State of Indiana experience severe flooding and are declared federal disaster areas.For the first time, IHCDA joins the State Department of Homeland Security for disaster recovery, offering hotel vouchers and emergency rental assistance. The State then receives CDBG-Disaster Recovery funds and IHCDA administers the housing portion to build and repair homes in areas hit by the floods.


Kansas – Recovery Act Period

Recovery Act Period: Housing Credit Exchange Program (CEP): KHRC was the first HFA in the nation to fund a development.


Wyoming – Habitat for Humanity Program

WCDA developed the Habitat for Humanity Program where WCDA purchased loans at 0% interest from Wyoming Habitat for Humanity affiliates. By recycling their funds, Habitat affiliates are able to build more homes more quickly. 156 loans totaling $19.9 million.


Hawaii – Mokuola Vista

Mokuola Vista: One of the first examples of using remnant state land for affordable rentals. With the help of Low Income Housing Tax Credits, the developer created 69 units aimed at those making 60% AMI or less, in Waipahu.


Housing and Economic Rescue Act Creates New Programs

The Housing and Economic Rescue Act creates several programs HFAs will use to meet new housing needs.


Maine – Gift of Green Promotion Grant Offered

The Gift of Green promotion offers a grant of up to $5,000 for down payment or closing costs assistance and a $500 coupon for a two-part energy audit. Pairing it with the Federal First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit offered from 2008–2010 means that first-time home buyers get about $12,000 in assistance when buying a home.


Minnesota – Single-Family Loan Business Model

Transitioned single-family loan business model to better serve households and manage risk; reached 5,600+ households annually in 2020.


Ohio – Office of Affordable Housing Research & Planning

Established the Office of Affordable Housing Research & Strategic Planning (now named Housing Policy).


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Temporarily Strengthens Housing Credit

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides temporary federal support to strengthen Housing Credit financing through HFAs.


Federal HFA Initiative Shores Up HFA Bond Financing

Federal HFA Initiative provides temporary financing to shore up HFA bond financing harmed by the financial crisis.


Indiana – Stimulus for Economic Recovery

With the passage of federal legislation including HERA and ARRA, IHCDA administers numerous stimulus programs designed for economic recovery. These programs include the Hardest Hit Fund, Blight Elimination Program,Section 1602 Tax Credit Exchange, and Tax Credit Assistance Program.


Kansas – Moderate Income Housing Program Launched

Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Program: The Moderate Income Housing program serves the needs of moderate-income households that don’t qualify for federal housing assistance. MIH grants and/or loans are awarded to cities and counties to develop multi-family rental units and single-family for-purchase homes in communities with populations fewer than 60,000 people.


Minnesota – Foreclosure Prevention

Provided foreclosure prevention counseling, assisting 40,000 households.


Nevada – 10,000 Units Created

10,000 units created or preserved using tax-exempt bonds and 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.


North Carolina – Creates Foreclosure Prevention Fund

NCHFA helps 29,000 families through its Foreclosure Prevention Fund.


North Dakota – Rural Housing Investment Incentive Launched

NDHFA launched a Rural Housing Investment Incentive Pilot Program to help communities attract developers and bridge the gap between construction costs and property value. By demonstrating the need for state-funded development assistance, the agency gains legislative approval and funding for what becomes the North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund, a program that has supported the development of more than 2,500 rental units in its first 10 years of existence.


Wisconsin – Offers an Exclusive Mortgage Product

WHEDA becomes the first HFA to offer an exclusive mortgage product in partnership with Fannie Mae.


Hardest Hit Fund Created for At-Risk Homeowners

The federal government creates the Hardest Hit Fund to support at-risk homeowners through HFAs.


Arizona – First Transit Oriented Development Completed

First Transit Oriented Development, LEED Certified, LIHTC, affordable housing project was completed to serve 65 low- income households.


Montana – Montana Veterans’ Home Loan Mortgage program established with Coal Tax Trust Fund dollars.


Louisiana – Merges Agencies

The Louisiana Legislature merges the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency with housing programs from other state agencies, including Louisiana Office of Community Development. The move establishes the Louisiana Housing Corporation, which centralizes Louisiana housing programs into one agency to streamline how the state addresses its housing needs, avoids duplication of efforts and improves service to the general public.


Mississippi – MS Homesavers Program Launched

Established MS Homesaver Program – To date: we have helped 5,401 Homeowners avoid foreclosure totaling $104,286,399 in financial assistance


Vermont – Hurricane Irene Recovery

After Hurricane Irene devastated many areas of the state, hitting manufactured home communities particularly hard, VHFA helped create an award-winning program to assist Vermonters in purchasing energy efficient manufactured homes.


Kentucky – Establishes Secondary Market Mortgage Purchase Program


Maryland – Creates Rental Housing Works Program

Rental Housing Works creates jobs and strengthens the Maryland economy by providing gap financing for the creation and preservation of affordable rental housing financed through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Multifamily Bond Program and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.


South Carolina – Disperses $200M Through the SCHELP Program

South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program (SCHELP) passes the $200 million dispersion threshold in two years.


HFAs Expand Access to Secondary Mortgage Market

State HFAs start to expand access to the secondary mortgage market for financing through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Hawaii – Launches Self-Help Housing Programs

Maili and Pokai Bay Self-Help Housing use state and federal loans along with city exemptions to create fee simple home ownership opportunities for low-income families (142  and 70 units, respectively) along the economically depressed Waianae Coast. Units must be priced for those making a maximum of 80% of AMI.


Ohio – Opens 811 Project Rental Assistance Interagency Program

OHFA develops its 811 Project Rental Assistance Interagency program and receives HUD funding.


South Dakota – Allocates $3.7M in Funding

SDHDA allocates $3.7 million in funding from the first application cycle of the Housing Opportunity Fund program, created with the passing of Senate Bill 235, the Building South Dakota Fund, during the 2013 legislative session. The Housing Opportunity Fund was designed to promote economic development in South Dakota by expanding the state’s supply of affordable workforce housing.


Pennsylvania – Awards $8.5M for Rental Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

PHFA and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare award $8.5 million from the federal government to provide rental assistance for people with disabilities.


Alabama – Introduces Home Buyers Initiative

AHFA introduces the Alabama Home Buyer Initiative, a limited-time grant to pay mortgage insurance, which has since benefited more than 1,600 new home buyers and generated $243 million in home sales.


Hawaii – Finances Halekauwila Place

One of the first projects done through a Request for Proposals process to put up leasehold or rental units and built on state land in Kakaako, these 204 units are all aimed at households making no more than 60% of AMI, in a neighborhood better known for its luxury condominiums.


Virginia – Launches Community Outreach Division

Virginia Housing creates its Community Outreach Division, which represents a uniquely integrated approach to engaging with housing partners, including technical assistance, grants, and financing.


Oklahoma – OK Affordable Housing Act Passed 

The Oklahoma Legislature passed the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act of 2014. The $4 million yearly addition of state tax credits expands the impact of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit in Oklahoma and has bolstered the creation of 3,103 affordable housing units across the state.


Delaware – Launches SNHF and Downtown Development

The Delaware State Housing Authority launches its Strong Neighborhood Housing Fund and Downtown Districts Development Rebate programs.


Arizona – Responses to Great Recession

The Arizona Department of Housing allocates $48 million to launch Pathway to Purchase, a down payment assistance program designed to grow homeownership in Arizona communities hardest hit by the Great Recession.


Arkansas – Creates Outreach Team

Arkansas Development Finance Authority creates its ADFA Outreach Team.


D.C. – Reaches $200M in Mortgage Loans Funded Through Open Doors Program

DCHFA’s flagship homeownership program, established in 2013, celebrates funding $200 million in mortgage loans, and the agency launches its Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.


Massachusetts – Launches Workforce Housing Program

MassHousing creates a first-in-the-nation $100 million workforce housing program to incentivize new construction of units for middle-income renters.


D.C. – Co-Administers the HPAP Program

The D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development announces DCHFA as co-administrator of the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP), and the agency launches the Housing Investment Platform.


Hawaii – Opens Kapiolani Residence

Zoning and fee exemptions allowed the developer to put up a 45-story, 485-unit condominium with 292 of the units aimed at those making 120% of AMI or less. The project is 100% privately financed, and no tax credits were sought or provided. The project is located near the upcoming Honolulu rail terminus point. The developer is using the same financing model to put up nearby The Central, a 43-story, 512-unit condominium tower that sets aside 310 units for those meeting 140% of AMI or less.


Maine – The Community Aging in Place Program Provides Grant Funding

The Community Aging in Place Program provides grant funding to Public Housing Authorities and Community Action Agencies to provide low-cost, high-impact home modifications that help older adults stay in their homes longer.


Vermont – Sells $37M in Bonds

VHFA sells $37 million in Sustainability Bonds, allowing institutions and individuals to invest directly in bonds that finance affordable housing and promote environmentally friendly development and economic growth. Proceeds from the sale help fund Vermont’s Housing for All initiative, the largest state investment in housing in several decades.


New Mexico – Opens First Capital Magnet Fund

The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Agency is among the first Capital Magnet Fund recipients.


Study Shows State HFA-Backed Loans Performed Better

A study of one million affordable mortgages during the Great Recession shows state HFA-backed loans performed better than others.


Louisiana – Hosts Housing Conference

Louisiana Housing Corporation hosts its first-ever, all-inclusive housing conference. The award-winning event attracts more than 500 attendees from 50 parishes across Louisiana.


Montana – Establishes the Multifamily Coal Trust Homes Program

Montana Housing establishes a multifamily program with Coal Tax Trust Fund dollars.


Maryland – Makes $1B in Home Loans

The Maryland Mortgage Program has been the state’s flagship homeownership program for more than 35 years. Under the Hogan Administration, the program has provided more than $2.8 billion in mortgages to more than 13,000 Marylanders and eliminated more than $11 million in student debt for first-time home buyers.


Massachusetts – Launches CommonWealth Builder Program

MassHousing launches the CommonWealth Builder program to spur construction of single-family homes and condominiums affordable to households with moderate incomes, particularly in communities of color.


Nevada – Serves 30,000+ Homeowners

The Nevada Housing Division serves more than 30,000 homeowners with mortgages and down payment assistance.


North Carolina – Finances 100,000 Affordable Apartments

NCHFA passes the 100,000 mark for affordable apartment homes.


Oregon – First Statewide Housing Plan Launched

Oregon launches its first Statewide Housing Plan. The plan articulates the extent of Oregon’s housing problem and provides a roadmap to address it with a foundational focus on equity and racial justice.


South Carolina – Marks 40th Anniversary of Its Homebuyer Program

The South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority celebrates the 40th anniversary of its Homebuyer (mortgage bond) Program, which has made homeownership possible for 43,000+ households with more than $2.91 billion in funds.


Arizona – Provides COVID-19 Support

The Arizona Department of Housing distributes $5 million in supplies and grants to more than 80 providers of services to people experiencing homelessness in Arizona during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hawaii – Opens Hale Moena Kupuna

The first high-rise residential/mixed-use tower in the heart of fast-growing downtown Kapolei, this 13-story, 153-unit complex is reserved for those 55 and older making no more than 60% of AMI. The project was assisted with tax credits, a rental housing revolving fund, and low-interest bonds. A second phase is underway.


Illinois – Disburses Emergency Housing Assistance to 56,000 Households

In just six months, IHDA disburses more than $324 million in emergency rent and mortgage assistance to more than 56,000 households.


Kansas – Creates a Family-Friendly Workplace During COVID-19

KHRC transforms a conference room into a socially distant one-room schoolhouse; hires a local retired teacher, Ms. Gilbert; and launches the Gilbert Learning Academy (GLA) for employees’ school-age children, who complete their assignments under Ms. Gilbert’s diligent supervision, allowing staff to focus on the launch of an intensive emergency rental assistance program and administration of ongoing initiatives.


Massachusetts – Launches Workforce Advantage Home Mortgage Loan

MassHousing launches its Workforce Advantage mortgage loan program with down payment assistance of up to $25,000 for home buyers with moderate incomes, particularly in communities of color.


New Mexico – Reaches $5B in Assets, Record Production


Pennsylvania – Distributes CARES Relief

PHFA distributes CARES relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing 16,515 renters with $54.4 million in rental assistance and 2,616 homeowners with $10.2 million in mortgage assistance.


Texas – Marks Anniversary of Texas Bootstrap Loan

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Texas Bootstrap Loan Program, used to build or rehabilitate 1,853 homes.


Alabama – Invests $1B into Affordable Rental Housing

AHFA’s Multifamily Division reports surpassing $1 billion in approved and active funding investments to provide affordable rental housing throughout the state.


South Carolina – Workforce and Senior Affordable Housing Act

Workforce and Senior Affordable Housing Act, creating a state tax credit for qualified affordable housing developments.


Wisconsin – Doubles the Number of Diverse Developers

WHEDA changed its 2021-22 QAP process resulting in more than doubling the number of diverse developers receiving housing tax credit awards.


Alaska – COVID-19 Rent Relief

The Alaska Housing Rent Relief program receives $242 million in federal funding to assist renters financially impacted by COVID-19. Through a one-stop online application hub for the entire state, the program serves 25,542 Alaskans.


Indiana – COVID-19 Relief

Using Coronavirus Relief and American Rescue Plan Act funds, IHCDA administers numerous programs focused on housing stability during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Emergency Solutions Grant, Homeownership Assistance Fund, Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and a rental assistance fund created through CRF funds awarded to the State of Indiana.


Nebraska – Assists 95,000 Buyers to Become Homeowners


Nevada – Provides 1,100+ Teachers with Down Payment Assistance

The Nevada Housing Division assists more than 1,100 teachers with down payment assistance and below market-rate mortgages.


Oregon – Largest Budget in Agency’s History

OHCS administers the largest budget in agency history assisting thousands of Oregonians with safe, stable housing supports in response to multiple co-occurring emergencies.